I'm looking for help. I'm trying to add a new email account to Gmail. I've done it before for one of my websites email domain and it worked fine. However, now, this is the message I get. Furthermore, my marketing team member also could not have it set it up.

error message snapshot 2


You have a misconfigured firewall which silently drops all SYN packets to port 587. Compare the output of a traceroute to port 80 with one to port 587:

# traceroute -n -T -p 587 -q 1 -f 14 -m 20
traceroute to (, 20 hops max, 60 byte packets
14  30.492 ms
15  25.303 ms
16  30.121 ms
17  *
18  *
19  *
20  *
# traceroute -n -T -p 80 -q 1 -f 14 -m 20
traceroute to (, 20 hops max, 60 byte packets
14  29.235 ms
15  29.376 ms
16  34.012 ms
17  33.967 ms
18  33.546 ms

A quick dns check of the domain ibpeditingservices.com reveals the following:

  • The mx record points to smtp-fwd.wordpress.com and not smtp.ibpeditingservices.com. There is no such host as smtp.ibpeditingservices.com. Therefore it's no wonder that you can not connect to it. Try with the other address and see if it works. Or contact the administrator responsible for ibpeditingservices.com domain.

Here is the host command output:

root@server#host smtp.ibpeditingservices.com
smtp.ibpeditingservices.com is an alias for ibpeditingservices.com.
ibpeditingservices.com has address
ibpeditingservices.com has address
ibpeditingservices.com mail is handled by 10 smtp-fwd.wordpress.com.

root@server#host smtp-fwd.wordpress.com
smtp-fwd.wordpress.com has address

You can check it yourself here: http://mxtoolbox.com/

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