I am really confused about how you can create the equivalent to "Cloud Services" in the new Azure Portal? In my understanding, Cloud Services is only a "Classic" feature now. In the new Azure Portal, I want to create a virtual network with a public IP address that has multiple VMs in it sharing that same Public IP. I want to control everything by port numbers. You know, just like a regular physical network. But now, they have VM level public IPs, each VM gets its own Public IP that you cant share. How can I create a virtual network with only one Public IP address?

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Found the answer here. "Cloud Service" is basically the "old" way of doing this. The new way is described in detail in the following link



You can do this for both web/worker cloud services, and virtual machine cloud services.

Virtual Machines:

Choose + New then select compute and choose your VM type (e.g. Ubuntu): new vm

Now be sure to change the dropdown to Classic and hit Create:

create classic

Now just fill in all the settings like you did in the old port, including the cloudapp.net name:


And you can choose an existing cloudapp if you want. There ya go...


In the new portal, just browse, and in the search box, start typing Cloud Service:

Cloud Service browse

Now you'll see your list of cloud services, and be able to add a new one:

List classic cloud services

Now just click Add to create a new one:

Create new cloud service

Just remember that you have to create your role definitions and related code within your dev environment. It's not like Virtual Machines where you can just spin up a new VM from a gallery (though you can upload and deploy from a deployment package:

Upload deployment

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