None of the new CNAME and TXT records I add (through VestaCP) are working.

My DNS server has been working fine. Got about 30 domains on it, used to be able to create these records and a few hours later they would be working.

But now, no joy. Add records, a few days later, still nothing.

What I can see it that those records by VestaCP are writen to an example.org.db file which is then included in /etc/bind/named.conf:

zone "example.org" {type master; file "/path/to/example.org.db";};

How do I troubleshoot this? I've tried, but so far haven't figured it out.

Should add that I'm checking that these records can be found through mxtoolbox.com


The domain name is: cedarvale.org

Example Records:

_amazonses.cedarvale.org        14400   IN      TXT             tP8Ni9mnCdomIpnVvx0eYyD//GxCTVXO3XslbmgrcQ0=
unn3jseoejfwzgh2p7oqfh76nlftl42f._domainkey.cedarvale.org       14400   IN      CNAME           unn3jseoejfwzgh2p7oqfh76nlftl42f.dkim.amazonses.com.
  • I assume you made an error formatting the record and those should be two separate lines? – HBruijn Feb 23 '16 at 7:03

In a DNS zone file shorthand a resource record without a trailing . is appended with the $ORIGIN (typically the name of the zone).

The host _amazonses.cedarvale.org you have added then effectively becomes _amazonses.cedarvale.org.cedarvale.org.

That may not be the only problem though, as I can't resolve that record either and I noticed that ns2.emanwebdesign.com. is not responding at all.

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Your nameserver setup is broken. I ran your zone through DNScheck; it shows that one of your nameservers isn't responding at all, and the other one has a difference of opinion with the root servers as to which servers should be authoritative for your domain. Once you've fixed this, you can have a look at specific records.

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