I am hosting a wordpress site on a 512Mb digitalocean VPS. All is good, varnish is getting a perfect hit rate. Logged in users bypass.

The only thing i am noticing is php5-fpm is firing every visit.

How can i track down what is managing to bypass the cache and pass on to the backend.

The system load is drastically better and varnish is amazing for such a small VPS but its my goal to find out why php5-fpm is firing when i dont think it is needed.


  • Dumb question, but what about the access.log? – karatedog Apr 16 '16 at 23:33

Two options I know of:

  • Turn on access logging for php5-fpm - I'm not 100% sure how, but I've done it with HHVM so it should be possible and quite easy
  • Add a header to each location block (if you have the headers module compiled in, instructions here), then use curl or Firefox with the "Live HTTP Headers" plugin to view requests and responses. The header will tell you what request was serviced by which location block.
location (whatever) {
  (php stuff)
  add_header Z_LOCATION "DESCRIBE LOCATION NAME"; add_header URI $uri;
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