We have a HP DL 360 Gen 8 server with two power supplies. Each of them have a different firmware, one of them is running ver 1 and the other is running ver 2. The PDU supplying power to them tripped so can any one confirm if the firmware difference caused this issue.


HP ProLiant Gen8 power supplies do have firmware revisions.

Here's a screenshot from the ILO4 interface:

Note the Model, Spare and Firmware fields... enter image description here

Can you provide the same information from your server's ILO?


The different firmware levels would not cause this. Also, there is no reason that faults in power supplies would cause a PDU to trip. You should look into your PDU.

To protect yourself from issues on a PDU, you should plug each power supply into separate PDUs. This is the reason you would use multiple power supplies in a single device.


If you really want to ensure that all firmware is at the latest level, I suggest you boot the SPP DVD. This will allow you to flash all components who's firmware can take an upgrade. Give that a shot and see if it changes anything.

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