This may be a relatively easy question. However it's giving me a headache this morning. I have a ZyXel GS1920-48HP. Last week it lost its config. So I have to reconfigure. This switch had three vlans and as I'm reconfiguring the new VLANs aren't working

Ports 1-44 VLAN 1 (Fixed) Untagged

Ports 45-46 VLAN 2 (Fixed) Untagged

Ports 47-48 VLAN 3 (Fixed) untagged

1-44 are my production network going with connections going to PCs and one to LAN INT on router

45-46 are public wireless one going to POE access point, other going to LAN2 INT on router

47-48 are going to a private wireless AP that has to be a separate LAN, other going to configured WLAN port on router.

As of right now VLANs cannot communicate with each other, which is correct. All ports in VLAN 1 are fine. VLAN 2 ports cannot communicate with each other.


In ZyXEL switches, when you create the VLANs and give ports access to those VLANs it doesn't automatically assign those ports to the VLANs. I had to find another page to assign the ports to the correct VLANs.

  • Do you remember what other page it was? – ryansin Sep 1 '17 at 8:27

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