I have a .pac file like below.

if (dnsDomainIs(host, ".example.com")) {
    hostip = dnsResolve(host);
    if (isInNet(hostip, "", "")) {
        return "DIRECT";

Now I'd like to convert this into squid.conf.

A client wants to access to example.com whose IP address would be changed everyday. If the destination IP is in the range, I need to change the proxy routing(Direct, proxy-A, proxy-B and so on).

I know how to change the proxies with squid.conf but I don't know how to define the access which would access into the IP range from just a domain name. I think squid knows only the destination domain name.

If the client accesses with IP, I can distinguish it. Though if the client accesses with a domain name, I can't.

Does anybody know a squid option for this?


You can achieve this by setting up combined ACLs that only trigger on a match on dstdomain and dst.

acl addom dstdomain example.com
acl addst dst
always_direct allow addst addom
  • That's perfect for me. I appreciate you so much!
    – kujiy
    Mar 4 '16 at 7:25

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