I'm an Amazon Web Services specialist. (AWS = Amazon's cloud computing platform.)

I understand the workflow for taking backups in AWS. What's the equivalent in OpenStack, and is it as robust? Here is what I want to do:

Amazon EC2 Snapshot Process:

  1. On the server, freeze the file system or database.
  2. Take a snapshot onto S3 while server is live. (Possible in OpenStack? How?)

Amazon Restore Process:

  1. If system fails: Restore the snapshot. Amazon streams bytes of the S3 snapshot on-demand into EBS, so the system is sluggish, but service is back up in minutes. (Instant restore possible in OpenStack? How?)

The rough equivalent is creating an image form a running instance with nova image-create. This will take an snapshot of the VM and will make it available in the OpenStack Image catalog (i.e. glance). Then you will boot that image as if it was a normal image.

So you would do:

nova image-create <server-id>
(grab image-id from response)
nova boot --image <image-id> ...

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