I am using nginx to proxy HTTP requests to a PHP application running in the scope of Apache 2.4 (mod_php5) within a Docker container (cbeer/piwik).

                     |        Docker Container      |
+-------+            |  +--------+          +-----+ |
| nginx |----------->|->| apache |--------->| php | |
+-------+ proxy_pass |  +--------+ mod_php5 +-----+ |

The PHP application is Piwik 2.16.

I inject GeoIP HTTP headers with nginx:

proxy_set_header GeoIP-Addr             "$remote_addr";
proxy_set_header GeoIP-Country-Code     "$geoip_country_code";
proxy_set_header GeoIP-Country-Name     "$geoip_country_name";
proxy_set_header GeoIP-Continent-Code   "$geoip_city_continent_code";
proxy_set_header GeoIP-Region-Name      "$geoip_region_name";
proxy_set_header GeoIP-Region           "$geoip_region";
proxy_set_header GeoIP-City             "$geoip_city";
proxy_set_header GeoIP-Metro-Code       "$geoip_dma_code";
proxy_set_header GeoIP-Area-Code        "$geoip_area_code";
proxy_set_header GeoIP-Latitude         "$geoip_latitude";
proxy_set_header GeoIP-Longitude        "$geoip_longitude";
proxy_set_header GeoIP-Postal-Code      "$geoip_postal_code";
proxy_set_header GeoIP-Isp              "$geoip_org";
proxy_set_header GeoIP-Organization     "$geoip_org";
proxy_set_header GeoIP-Netspeed         "";

Unfortunately Piwik (at least thinks it) cannot see the via nginx injected request HTTP headers. On the Piwik settings page for geolocationing is a warning about Piwik could not find GeoIP variables within PHP's $_SERVER. The GeoIP headers arrive as e.g. HTTP_GEOIP_ADDR but have to be GEOIP_ADDR. I also cannot edit the application to get use of these "new" header names.

@RichardSmith mentioned that I have to map HTTP_GEOIP_ variables to GEOIP_ within Apache using setenv. I tried several combinations but I did not get managed to use variables (request headers) as values for the environment variable.


This results into the actual string "%{HTTP_GEOIP_CITY}e" stored in the variable instead of the value of HTTP_GEOIP_CITY.

How to map HTTP_GEOIP_ variables to GEOIP_ within Apache using setenv?

  • I would really not assume, that apache by itself removes any header automatically. Are you sure, that your application is expecting the header in the same format you're providing it, eg. $_SERVER["HTTP_GEOIP_REGION"] By the way, check with phpinfo() to make sure that PHP really can not see the HTTP_GEOIP_* headers. I suspect that this is not the issue. – r_3 Mar 3 '16 at 10:19
  • Maybe you need to map HTTP_GEOIP_ variables to GEOIP_ within Apache using setenv – Richard Smith Mar 3 '16 at 10:26
  • @burnersk should that be a $ rather than a %. I haven't used Apache for a while, so if you get a working solution, post it as an answer. – Richard Smith Mar 3 '16 at 14:14
  • Are you sure that the variables are really set in Nginx .conf? – kaiser Mar 14 '16 at 0:53
  • Yes, otherwise they wouldn't be on on the Apache side with "wrong" header names, right?! – burnersk Mar 14 '16 at 7:11

Your assumption on Apache's SetEnv directive syntax is wrong.

From the documentation, it seems it's the other way around:


Here is the link for the documentation:


It states that Sets an internal environment variable, which is then available to Apache HTTP Server modules, and passed on to CGI scripts and SSI pages.


SetEnv SPECIAL_PATH /foo/bin

So, if you swap your declaration, might work.

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