ServerFault is a great resource! Glad to have found it. What other online resources / forums / newsgroups do you frequent that are similar to serverfault?

I'm looking for high-traffic sites, the ones you can go to when you have a very specific question and have at least a little better chance that someone has "been there done that" with your needle-in-the-haystack questions ;-)

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why no one mentioned IRC? Freenode is a wonderful place to hang out, and there are several rooms (#lopsa, #debian, #unix, #bash) that tend to be full of sysadmins

  • This is true. I hang out on #LOPSA, and sometimes #AMANDA. #puppet is great, too. – Matt Simmons Oct 20 '09 at 6:36
  • #bash on freenode is a place that's easy to learn incredible amounts in. – Cian Oct 20 '09 at 10:17
  • true. I'm usually on #rhel and #rhev myself – dyasny Feb 9 '10 at 21:05

SAGE's sage-members list.


There are a number of forums online that you can look into. the ServerFault family being some of them, but you already know about those. =)

  • For Microsoft based help, try Petri.co.il's forums. There is a gaggle of Microsoft MVPs that hang out there, including Mr. Petri himself.
  • TechGenix has a number of sites under its umbrella such as isaserver.org, msexchange.org, windowssecurity.com (message boards forward to security-forums.com), windowsnetworking.com (message boards also forward to security-forums.com) and virtualizationadmin.com. Each has forums with varying levels of activity. Windowssecurity.com's forums are the former Security-Forums.com and as such tends to move well beyond Windows security in spite of the name of the domain. Indicentally, Security-Forums.com will forward you to the WindowsSecurity.com forums.
  • Some might cringe at what I'm about to suggest, but I think it should be mentioned: Experts-Exchange.com. And yes, you can really get a free account in spite of their filthy lies to the contrary.
  • The new Sysadmin-Network.com is budding (Thanks to Matt Simmons for giving me the tip!) and has the potential to be a lot bigger than what it currently is. Why don't you join and help us grow it?
  • I've heard some halfway decent reviews of Daniweb.com's community but have never joined it myself.
  • Google has come back with some interesting results that I've never heard of before such as SysAdmin TALK Forums and sysadminforum.com. I can't pledge for their usefulness though and so won't provide a link to them.
  • Each individual systems vendor will oftentimes have forums and a community that can bolster your knowledge and community support for that specific item. For example, HP has a vast network of forums for both the IT Pro and the consumer (even if th eoverall experience on HP's web sites is approximately as pleasant as brushing your teeth with a bench grinder).

Notice that most of those area really just help forums and not so much a "hangout". That's because, in the end, I believe that you are right in noticing that there is a lack of a really awesome SysAdmin "hangout". I've been pining for one for years, but haven't quite found it. I think sysadmin-network.com is the closest thing so far, but it could use a little meat on its bones. That will come with time, I hope, as its relatively new.

I look forward to seeing what other people can contribute. Of course, if you find anything on your own, let us all know about it. =)


check out http://planetsysadmin.com/ it's a nice aggregator for sysadmins blog


The primary one that I can think of is Sysadmin Network - http://www.sysadmin-network.com

It's not big yet, but it's growing, and there's a few hundred members. It concentrates more on the social networking side.

Other than that, do you have a blog?

You might check this question too: https://serverfault.com/questions/73140/it-community-or-and-blog-sites/73173#73173


For a community with a Microsoft Systems Management, Administration and Deployment bent check out myITforum.com as they have some really good articles, great forums on the following:

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    Although I'd like to see everyone come here for everything (and I bet they eventually will), MyITForum is still the best place for the stuff listed above. – Doug Chase Oct 20 '09 at 12:40

For Windows stuff, I like the Sysinternals forums.