I am reading this. Is this the latest?

May I know what rights is required to set up and configure the Federation Server?

Is the Federation Server usually the responsibility of the domain owner? If I am a third-party (web) application supplier, should I expect that the Federation Server be provided by the customer and I should just focus on the FS Web Agent?

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    Web agent? That's ADFS 1.1. Do Not Use.
    – rbrayb
    Mar 7 '16 at 18:20

The current list of requirements for setup of ADFS is here:


The section you're looking for:

Permissions requirements

The administrator that performs the installation and the initial configuration of AD FS must have domain administrator permissions in the local domain (in other words, the domain to which the federation server is joined to.)

As an application developer - and a third party one at that - the expectation should definitely be that the customer sets up, manages and maintains their own ADFS infrastructure.

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