I have a broken Ubuntu 14.04 server. Everything is OK except for apt-get, which for some reason thinks that it repeatedly fails to update mysql server package. The mysql server is updated and works perfectly, so I do not want apt-get to touch it. But every time I do anything that includes apt-get update and apt-get install (including installing completely unrelated packages), it always tries to finish the installation of mysql server.

What I am looking for is to find the source of this information that tells apt-get that mysql server needs its attention. I would like to manually edit that source of information and tell apt-get that this package is all OK and it should not care about it anymore.

Is this possible?

Please note that I am not very interested in actually making apt-get to finish the mysql server update. This is because mysql server runs in production there and everytime apt-get tries to "fix it", it kills it and corrupts the database.

If it is not possible to change that apt-get status about a package, would it be possible to somehow tell apt-get not to care about mysql server at all (i.e. to somehow exclude mysql server package from apt-get completely).

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There is a way to tell apt-get not to care about updating a package, it's to put a hold on it:

sudo apt-mark hold your_mysql_package

More about this here. (Not the "pinning" part, but the "holding" part)

Now, as something is broken in your server, it's hard to tell if this will solve your case. And of course, a downside to this is you won't know about any possibly necessary update, later.


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