On a non-domain Windows Server 2012 x64 vm, I have a shared folder with an installer. Whenever I try to run this installer from any workstation, the workstation's account on the server is locked.

I shared a folder by by doing the following: Right click on the folder and select properties > Select the Sharing tab > Click the Advanced Sharing button > Checked Share this folder > Clicked Permissions > Gave Full Control to everyone. This didn't work. I also clicked the Share button under the Sharing Tab and added Everyone with read/write permissions. This still didn't help.

Please help me share a folder that can execute an installer from without locking the user from the server. It worked in Windows Server 2008 but not in Server 2012

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I suspect this is UAC. If so, the following should work:

  1. Launch a command line on the workstation as an administrator.
  2. Map the network drive from the elevated command line.
  3. Run the installer from the elevated command line.

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