Two questions, which hopefully will be easy for you experienced users.

I just purchased a used Dell server with Windows Server 2012 Essentials on it. I noticed that the Wiki page states it has a 25 user limit. What, exactly, does that mean? I'll be running this as a web server, does this mean I can have no more than 25 different users connecting to the website simultaneously?

Also, is there any limit to how many different websites I can put on this server? Not in terms of needing more space or RAM or anything, I'm just wondering if IIS8 has some kind of built in limitation that I need to be aware of. I'm assuming it doesn't, but it's better to ask than to assume.


The user limit is for CAL's. A website technically only uses one user, whichever one you have the website run as. This OS should be fine for a small webserver.


Web server connections are web workloads and do not consume CALs


This is the specific section relating to Web Servers.

So if it is the front end you don't need a CAL but if it is a back end process running on the server itself then yes you do.

I hope that is helpful



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