I had an existing setup with a 5515-X serving as my firewall and VPN, which worked fine. Since moving to a new location, and thus a new outside interface IP, I can successfully connect to the VPN, but nothing is visible to the VPN client (i.e., cannot reach anything inside the network). I suspected that UDP 500 might be blocked, but the ISP insists that it is not. (The ISP is managing a Cisco 3900 to bring internet in.) There are no appliances between the 3900 and the ASA. I should just be able to change the outside interface's address, and it should plug and play.

Any ideas why the setup is not working?

EDIT: I can now reach the inside interface of the ASA via Telnet, and I can connect to it, but I cannot see anything else on the network. The VPN allocates me an IP address, and I stay connected. Something is amiss with the VPN configuration, even though nothing has changed with it (except the outside IP address).


You need UDP 500 and 4500 available to your Cisco ASA.

If you have ASDM access, you can check the logging of your connection while attempting a VPN. But this is a case of troubleshooting that the ISP should be involved in. Please also be sure that the network you're connection from allows the VPN connection.

  • Try from a different location.
  • Work closer with the ISP support and get them to contribute their logs.
  • Verify that your ASA setup and NAT rules are still appropriate following your move.
  • ISP says UDP 500 and 4500 are opened. I can connect to the VPN offsite, and I can ping the ASA's inside interface. The VPN connection also allocates an IP address to the connecting device. However, nothing on the network inside the ASA is visible. No switches/routers/servers are pingable. No RDP connections are available. No SQL connections. Nothing. I'm in the process of obtaining logs for better traffic analysis. – Dave Mar 11 '16 at 16:04

Solution Found:

For some reason, we found that there were no NAT rules configured for the VPN ACL. I added the following to the config:

nat (inside,outside) 1 source static SPLIT-ACL-VPN SPLIT-ACL-VPN destination static
NETWORK_OBJ_192.168.10.0_24 NETWORK_OBJ_192.168.10.0_24 no-proxy-arp route-lookup

We can now access the network resources as expected.

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