How can I use client certificate authentication with nginx for a folder? The ssl_client_certificate directive isn't allowed in location blocks. Example: I want my website me.tld to be reachable by all clients and everything below me.tld/secure/ only by authenticated clients.


I'm not in a position to try this myself but you could try the following

You will need ssl_verify_client optional; to go along side ssl_client_certificate and then use the following location block

location /secure {
    error_page 418 = @other;
    recursive_error_pages on;
    if ($ssl_client_verify = SUCCESS) {
    return 418

location @other {
    #Secure Config goes here

The client certificate will be checked but not enforced for all locations. When someone tries the /secure directory nginx will then check to see if $ssl_client_verify was successful at the server level. If it was it will return error 418 which we told nginx to deal with in the @other location.

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