I was following this article to learn about Windows Container in Windows Server TP4. Since the article came with both 'Powershell way' and 'docker way', then I thought that both ways are interchangeable. I thought that container and container image created from powershell can be managed from docker and vise versa.

Then after I finished and created everything in powershell, I run docker images and docker ps, and my containers / images are not there?!

Am I missing something or really they are both different things?


Currently in TP4 of Windows Server 2016 there are two methods of running and managing containers. Docker and PowerShell.

They are not interchangeable at this time.

So get-containerimage will only fetch PowerShell created Images and docker images will only fetch Docker created images

I do not know if it is the plan to make them completely interchangeable for the RTM version.



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The situation is the same in TP5 - the container images are the same for each type of container but the method of control is limited to the method used to create the container from the image.

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