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I develop a ruby on rails application on my laptop. Rails has WEBrick installed as an out of the box APPLICATION server.

I deploy my app on amazon web services elastic beanstalk.

I choose The configuration: Ruby 2.2 with Passenger version 2.0.8, which contains:

  • 64bit Amazon Linux 2015.09 v2.0.8 running Ruby 2.2 (Passenger Standalone)
  • Ruby 2.2.3
  • RubyGems
  • Passenger 4.0.59 - Application server
  • nginx 1.8.0 - Web server.

When I deploy my app, does elastic beanstalk automatically replace WEBrick with passenger??? Or-- do I need to install the passenger gem myself?



Figured it out. I used the AWS GUI console online to download the virtual server's instance logs. I checked the ed-activity.log file and saw that the server was started with passenger.

So, yes, Amazon Elastic Beanstalk automatically runs passenger even without the passenger gem in the gemfile.

Side note, when I tried to deploy the rails app with the passenger gem, I ran into a lot of problems. AWS EB runs passenger standalone 4.0.59 while HomeBrew installs passenger 5.0~something or other... This conflict will take down your entire server instance.

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