Let's say that I have a Zimbra webmail accessible at https://mail.example.com. I also have a web app at https://app.example.com. On one of the app's pages I am trying to embed the webmail:

<iframe src="https://mail.example.com"></iframe>

However, when I go to the app page I get the following error (Firefox): Load denied by X-Frame-Options: https://mail.example.com/ does not permit cross-origin framing.

How can I enable cross-origin framing on Zimbra server/nginx (preferably only for app.example.com)? Or is it possible to embed webmail in some other way?


You need to edit:


Modify the Set Header Filter. Look for:

<filter-name>Set Header Filter</filter-name>

section and add the following parameters:


Just after that and restart Zimbra with:

zmcontrol restart

The downside is that you need to check if these modifications are still there on every update you do on the Zimbra software.

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