I'm new to Azure platform. I'm setting up two machines, one for Database, one for Application. both are Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. They are both set up with resource manager ( because if I set up them with classic method, I cannot set a virtual network, they became publicly availailable )

They are both in the same virtual network, connected with network interfaces in the same subnet. Application server has a public IP address. Database server is hidden in the virtual network.

I've forwarded my domain from DNS to application servers's public ip, which has a simple nginx server. I've set the network service gateway inbound and outbound rules for ports 22,80 and 443 (ssh, http and https respectively).

I can access my server from shell like

ssh username@domain.com

but when I try it on my browser, or make a telnet like

telnet domain.com 80

There's no way that I can access the server. Nginx logs tcpdump command is not showing anything.

I've checked ifconfig, it only shows the private address which is in subnet by using the eth0 interface, there's nothing for the public ip address.

I'm kinda stuck out for trying solutions out. Anybody with experience?

PS: There's no cloud service running for application server, because it's created with resource manager. But still, I shouldn't be able to connect via ssh right?

EDİT: Here are the inbound and outbound rules; enter image description here

enter image description here


Found the answer, I had to set the inbound http and https traffic source port to * instead of 80 and 443. Now it works like a charm.

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    That is because in a TCP connection, the source port is usually random regardless of the destination port. – Pedro Perez Mar 21 '16 at 15:36

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