I am testing haproxy with keepalive to 3 servers.
Haproxy server configurations work fine (USLTS4/USLTS5), but not keepalived.

The process started on both haproxy's, but the VIP is not assigned to the master (USLTS4), so not reachable from clients.

Here are haproxy and keepalived configs:

haproxy enter image description here

keepalived enter image description here

Both haproxy's work fine separately and loadbalance traffic

USLTS4:~$ netstat -nlta | grep :80 tcp 0 0* LISTEN

USLTS5:~$ netstat -nlta | grep 80 tcp 0 0* LISTEN

No VIP assigned to the main haproxy

enter image description here

Tested with unicast and multicast (default) configurations.

unicast_peer {

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Are you deliberately setting both keepalived instances to be MASTER? Usually the passive node's state would be BACKUP.

  • Thanks Jim for the reply, changed state on USLTS4 form MASTER to BACKUP, made the priority higher on the master. Checked that apparmor disabled and iptables rules cleared. Doesn't seem to help.
    – AJN
    Apr 2, 2016 at 23:35

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