i am having trouble with nginx cookbook.. and it dependency on yum-epel.

Getting error :

" Chef::Exceptions::RecipeNotFound

could not find recipe epel for cookbook yum"

$ knife cookbook show nginx nginx   2.7.6  2.7.5  2.7.4  1.8.0
$ knife cookbook show yum-epel yum-epel   0.6.6  0.6.0
$ knife cookbook show yum yum   3.10.0  3.6.0  3.5.4  3.5.3  3.5.2

Been looking around, Looks like :

there was a major upstream release of the yum cookbook (3.X) that moved yum::epel recipe to a new yum-epel cookbook.

But can't find a workaround to apply. I am using berks to resolve the cookbook dependencies.

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


You need to run yum < 3.0.0 to get the yum::epel recipe. Add that dependency somewhere in your environment or top-level cookbook to work around it.

In metadata.rb parlance: depends 'yum', '< 3.0.0'

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