My Centos server has two virtual (Openvz) interfaces. One from these interfaces has ipv4 address configured, while the other one has the ipv6 one. In short this server is used for browsing / proxy.

Browsing scenarios

  • Case 1:

    ssh tunnel + tinyproxy = visited web pages detect that client has ipv6 address

  • Case 2:

    OpenVPN (tcp proto) = visited web pages detect that client has ipv4 address


Is it possible to configure OpenVPN (or the OS) like in the first case - to be visible as a ipv6-based host during the browsing?


You may be able to remove IPv4 from the second interface but the only way to completely disable IPv4 is to disable it at the kernel level.

  • How the first case is even possible? – nrph Mar 27 '16 at 2:14

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