I am using pfsense 2.2.6-RELEASE. My configuration is as follows:

  1. Two static WAN, One LAN
  2. Using google and opendns
  3. Configured WAN-Load balancing and WAN-Fail-over
  4. Using aliases in firewall rules

When the primary WAN interface goes down, the DNS stops working.

There is fix available on pf-sense forum, but the forum is closed. The link for forum posts is here https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=43982.0


This is the answer found in Re: Multiple WAN DNS issue when primary fails

Edit the default LAN rule in Firewall->Rules by clicking edit on the rule that has a row that contains "LAN net". Then change Gateway setting drop-down to whatever you named the gateway you created with the Wan1 fallover to Wan2.

Here is a link to a simple and basic working guide for multiwan setup on pfSense 2.0. The top of the guide is for 1.2, but scroll about half-way down to see the 2.0 guide: http://skear.hubpages.com/hub/Dual-Wan-Router-How-To-Build-One-On-a-Budget. Combine that info with the other guides out there for setting up traffic shaping and it works great!

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