I have almost exactly the same problem as described here.

I am on RHEL7. 3.10.0-229.4.2.el7.x86_6 Inside vmware VM.

file -s /dev/sdb 
/dev/sdb: LVM2 PV (Linux Logical Volume Manager), UUID: 89o2LY-bTso-5KXa-UXOF-CVm0-gT1u-DsKNpH, size: 107374510080

Also get the message: Metadata corruption detected at xfs_inode_buf_verify+0x75/0xd0 [xfs], block 0x2d01c10 XFS (dm-2): Unmount and run xfs_repair

After running repair I see the same message:

Phase 1 - find and verify superblock...
couldn't verify primary superblock - bad magic number !!!
attempting to find secondary superblock...


Found candidate secondary superblock…
Unable to verify superblock, continuing…
And on it goes until it eventually gives up.

Any suggestions are welcome.

EDIT I am not exactly sure what might have happened. This is a Cassandra node which was rebooted from within the operating system. The last messages before xfs corruption were those of Cassandra trying to create some directories.

  • What happened before you submitted this question? It's rare for the OS or XFS to corrupt itself without cause, so can you explain what happened to the system?
    – ewwhite
    Mar 31 '16 at 18:10

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