Let me start off by stating that I know very little about the XMPP protocol or real-time communication in general. I did however manage to set up an ejabberd server with TLS encryption. I have written a PHP website with a custom user system saved to a MySQL database. The database for users looks like this:

  • MyDatabase
    • UsersTable
      • uid
      • username
      • password (hashed)
      • salt
    • SessionsTable
      • uid FOREIGN KEY
      • sessionkey (hashed)

The way I authenticate users on my website is by the usual combine password with salt and hash it method. For running sessions I put a session key in their browser session and retrieve it on page load to authenticate.

My problem: It seems the XMPP server has it's own user authentication system. I want it to use my existing one so that logged in users can initialize chat immediately without a separate register and login. That will also make it a whole lot easier to verify users.

I read somewhere that MySQL authentication is bad with XMPP: I heard it hogs resources because it, for some reason, has to authenticate the user every time he/she sends a message. If that is true, what is the best way of automating registration of new users? I'll figure out the validation of a user myself I guess, just know I can pass whatever information needed to a logged in user's xmpp client be it username/uid or whatever.

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