I have the following IP range as ClusterIP from Kubernetes cluster.

$ gcloud beta container clusters describe CLUSTER_NAME | grep servicesIpv4Cidr

I want to allow this IP range accessible from my DC via VPN. After adding the "Remote peer IP address" to the next hop from my DC enter image description here

How should I create the route on GCE?

According to the doc of gcloud compute routes create command

Exactly one of --next-hop-address, --next-hop-gateway, --next-hop-vpn-tunnel, or --next-hop-instance must be provided with this command.

If I set one of the NODE to --next-hop-instance, what if this NODE is down? How can I implement a route without single-point-of-failure?


As mentioned here there is not elegant solution at this point. I believe Kubernetes itself will take care of the nodes health in case of failure. Nevertheless, you can still add multiple routes to different nodes. The lowest route will take preference, but if the node ceases to exist the second route will take over.

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