I have an application that stores contacts in OpenLDAP. It uses the c attribute to store a string describing a country name. The syntax of c only allows a two-letter country code, but the application uses full country names. Therefore the attribute it should be using is co, or friendlyCountryName. Unfortunately I cannot change this application. (It's Mozilla).

I am looking for a way to make this work. I can, of course, change the schema definition of c to that of co, but that seems bad practice. I could also disable schema checking, but that is even worse.

I have also tried using the rwm overlay to map c onto co, which works (as in: client saves c, database contains co), but then the syntax of c is still enforced, so that doesn't work.

So, the best option I have now is to change the syntax of c in the core schema. But I am curious: are there better ways to work around this?

  • By Mozilla do you mean Thunderbird? – 84104 Apr 16 '16 at 18:17
  • Yes. I'm using the official Mozilla schema spec, which can be found here – roelvanmeer Apr 18 '16 at 5:52

If your LDAP server is configured with the mozillaAbPersonAlpha schema, you can tack the AUX objectClass: mozillaAbPersonAlpha onto your entries (provided they have cn) and then use the mozillaHomeCountryName attribute.

  • How will that help? Thunderbird will still use the c attribute for storing the country name. It's not that I need a place to store the full country name, I need a way to let Thunderbird store the full country name in the attribute that it uses for that (which is c). – roelvanmeer Apr 19 '16 at 7:53

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