My workplace is getting new HP A5500 Series switches, and they include a console cable - a DB-9 Female to RJ-45 Male. I know we talked about them in college, but never actually seen one. I've heard of them being used in other enterprise-level networking equipment.

I'm wondering now, are all console cables (like above) pinned out the same? Can I use this cable on other HP equipment, or even other manufacturer's equipment? Or will it change depending on model or manufacturer?


It depends.

You'll likely be able to use it on HP and Cisco gear, but there are some situations where the pinout is different or maybe you'll have a device with a DB-9->DB-9 requirement. If in doubt, use the manufacturer's cable.

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No. In example if you use a HP/Cisco DB-9 for a APC the UPS will restart direct. (as it will receive a signal on a pin reserved for a command)

For other product most use the standard pinout, but be advised to watch yourselft on critical gear as it can produce un-wanted result.

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