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hi i am running a google cloud compute instance as a debian jessie machine. i installed apache and java via apt-get and tomcat via wget from the tomcat repository. the instance is running and not stopped. ever since i installed the packages, i notice that at one point, some of the features i installed are removed. in tomcat, the manager directory is deleted and with it the capability to remote manage the server via the web interface. also, a WAR i deployed is also deleted. why is this happening? i need to constantly remove and re-install the tomcat and re-deploy the WAR file.

is this something related to a snapshot i took of the instance? though when i played with this snapshot, manager application was available under tomcat ROOT.

this is very frustrating. any ideas?


As explained here, GCE infrastructure does not automatically update the OS or software in the VMs. Nevertheless, some OS are pre-configured by the vendor to apply security patches and upgrades. If packages were being removed, it could have been a script running inside the VM.

The best way to understand what is happening is by using regular Linux auditing tools.

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