When I install a particular program on a computer it creates an overly lenient local firewall rule that allows inbound connections to port 1234 from any subnet. I want to create a more restrictive firewall rule set using group policy that only allows traffic inbound connections to port 1234 from a specific ip address only. However, currently in my environment Windows firewall rules that are set via domain group policy are configured to merge with locally set Windows firewall rules. The result is that the more lenient local firewall rule seems to take precedence over the firewall rule set using domain policy.

If possible, I want to use group policy firewall settings to change, delete, or nulify the local firewall setting (and not use a startup script to delete the unwanted firewall rule). The simplest way I think to do this I think would be to specify some sort of firewall rule priority where the local rule is rendered inert by a more specific higher priority rule specified by the domain. But I am not sure that this is possible.

Any suggestions?

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