My DC Server use Windows Server 2012R2.

I want to use Windows Deployment Service but I don't see any computer account in active directory prestaged devices.

From this Ref, I must change computer account to managed computer account.

But I don't see any this setting about that in computer account.

This is my new computer account image.

enter image description here

No "Next" Button to Managed Window

What should i do?

PS. I want to post more links and image but I'm newer.I can't post more 2 links. Sorry.

  • Did you type in a computer name? – myron-semack Apr 12 '16 at 11:48

the link you gave in your question points to a very old article, the article outlines steps that are not needed today. Using WDS on 2012 or 2012R2 you can pre-stage a device, join it to the domain and assign it to an OU, as well as linking unattended answer files straight from the WDS console. have a look at the link below


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