I am currently running qemu-kvm on an Ubuntu server box and I use libvirt with Virsh to create, manage, start and stop VMs.

I edited VM's XML configuration through virsh edit command to change CPU model and set up SMBIOS data by specifying bios and system details.

I saw that qemu should support -smbios type=X tables edit as well, like smbios table 3 and 4. However if I try to edit XML through Virsh by adding processor tag, the XML is not validated and thus rejected.

Is there any way to pass SMBIOS tables 3 and 4 to QEMU through virsh or should I instead avoid using Virsh at all and go straight to qemu?

Thanks in advance


You can use the <qemu:commandline> domain XML tag.

For example:

<qemu:commandline> <qemu:arg value='-option-rom'/> <qemu:arg value='path/to/my.rom'/> </qemu:commandline>

For more information, read here


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