I am newbie and I have Ubuntu 12.04 box where I installed Apache using command

apt-get install apache2

It installed everything fine. Then I needed mpm-worker so I installed mpm-worker using command

apt-get install apache2-mpm-worker

But when I want to enable module I got this error:

ERROR: Module mpm_worker does not exist!

I am not able to find these modules in mods-available directory. I searched but did not find anything.

Any suggestions?


The Multi-Processing Modules are part of Apache 2.2, and are included with the apache2 install. You just need to "switch" from whatever MPM you are currently using to the worker MPM. NOTE: You can ONLY start Apache with a single MPM selected, i.e. you MUST "dismod" the current and then "enmod" the desired.

To determine which MPM is currently in use, run apache2ctl -V. You will see a line such as:

 Server MPM:     prefork

Assuming that you are running "prefork" (as in the above example), the switch is made with the following commands:

 a2dismod mpm_prefork
 a2enmod mpm_worker
 service apache2 restart

NOTE: If you are not logged in as root (and you should NOT be!), you will probably need to preface each command line with sudo to have sufficient privileges.

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