I got a little problem: I installed puppet agent on some nodes. I'm managing the nodes with foreman.

Now some nodes are "out of sync" until I run puppet agent -t on the node manually.

The service is running on the nodes:

root@node1:/var/log# ps aux | grep puppet
root     10079  0.0  0.0   9240   880 pts/0    R+   17:43   0:00 grep puppet
root     31645  0.0  0.2 196188 36780 ?        Ssl  14:17   0:02 /usr/bin/ruby /usr/bin/puppet agent

root@node1:/var/log# service puppet status
[ ok ] agent is running.

What can I do here?


Check two things:

  • Puppet agent runinterval puppet config print runinterval
  • Foreman Puppet 'Out of Sync Interval' hammer settings list --search 'outofsync_interval' (Foreman -> Administrator -> Settings -> Puppet -> Out of sync interval)

Make sure the puppet agent checks in more often than the setting in foreman.

As an example:

  • in puppet.conf I have runinterval = 6h
  • in Foreman I have outofsync_interval = 400 (just over 6 hours)
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