I am running a Docker container through ECS. The container runs an Apache server hosting a simple web application. However, the server requires LDAP authentication to access the page.

I am using a Service configured with an ELB to manage the distribution across ECS. I am running into a problem where the health check is failing for all instances. From local testing I know that the Docker container/server works.

AWS ELB Health Check docs state that a 200 OK response is required to pass the health check (my ping path is /index.html). However, LDAP authentication failure will return 401 Authorization Required.

How to I get the health check to pass without disabling LDAP?

This question on StackOverflow suggests just switching the health check to a TCP health check, though that doesn't feel right. Happy to do it if it's the correct way to handle this situation.


Do you have an 'unprotected' page? Like a login page?

If so, then you could use this page as the ELB health check.

If not, can you add a simple page (ping.html) which does not require LDAP authentication?

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