Here are my environment detail

I am using Azure IaaS (Infrastructure as Service) I am having one vNet (Virtual Network) I have set-up site to site connectivity (on-premise to azure) I have one subnet and couple of VMs in in it. (VM01 and VM02) I am able to RDP VM01 and VM02 from my local machine (via VPIN). But now I have created new subnet, also added couple of VMs to it (VM03 and VM04). These new VM's I am not able to RDP.

Note: I can RDP to VM03 and VM04 by going inside VM01 and VM02!

Is there any difference between first subnet and the one which created later? As first subnet created by network administrator I am not sure if he has done any configuration in on-premise to understand the subnets.

Update : I am able to ping but can not connect. so I moved my question from Network engineering to server fault.

  • Are there any network security groups configured on subnet 2? – Sam Cogan Apr 21 '16 at 14:05
  • I figured out that new IP range which allocated to subnet 2 is not mapped with on premise. I have asked network admin to configure it. hopefully it will be resolved. – kudlatiger Apr 22 '16 at 3:41

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