I want to add 3 characters eg "-94" to the end of a file name to all of the files in a wordperfect directory. There are many directories with different years and I will be doing the same with each year e.g NanSloan.wpd would be changed to NanSloan-94.wpd (as well as all of the other files in the 1994 directory. I would like to use Powershell to do this

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    This shouldn't be too hard, so I'll give you general guidance - try something first and repost when you have a specific question and youv'e tried google. You're going to use the Get-ChildItem command on the directory, and for each item within the directory use a where clause to select just the .wpf files, and within the properties of the files you'll have everything you need - the original name, the parent dir name, and the extension. Use move-item to rename it. – Chris N Apr 21 '16 at 13:49

Try the following

Get-ChildItem -Filter "*wpd" | rename-item -NewName {$_.name-replace '.wpd','-94.wpd'}

Edit: You can add the -Recurse parameter to apply to subfolders


  • thank you Z. When I tried the above solution, Powershell just hung. – user-marl494 Apr 29 '16 at 11:34
  • I tried PS C:\WPDOCS-aa\0000-wpdocs 2015> Get-ChildItem -Path "C:\WPDOCS-aa\0000-wpdocs 2015" -Filter "wpd" -Recurse | rename-item -NewName {"$($_.BaseName) -2015.wpd"} PS C:\WPDOCS-aa\0000-wpdocs 2015> – user-marl494 Apr 29 '16 at 11:35
  • this seemed to run (v 5 with Windows 10 Pro) but there were no file changes. I also tried this without the path, being I had changed directories already to where I was going to rename. – user-marl494 Apr 29 '16 at 11:36

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