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The .fr TLD stands for France and is managed by AFNIC. In order to register for second-level domains under this TLD, one is required to be a resident of the European Econonic Area.

I am currently a resident of the European Economic Area, but I might move away one day. Does this mean that I might lose my domain in this case? Will I not be able to prolong it any more?

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    I feel this question definitely does belong somewhere on the stackexchange network. I don't have any strong opinions as to whether that somewhere is here on Server Fault or on another site such as Super User or Webmasters.
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    @kasperd I'm a moderator on Super User; it would not be on-topic on our site. Domain registration questions are appropriate for Webmasters though.
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Although I wouldn't be surprised if in practice the registration requirements are only checked on registration and not for renewals, you don't have to lose your domain when you leave Europe.

A number of registrars provide trustee services that allow the registration of a .FR domain to people/organisations that don't qualify directly and your domain can be transferred to such a trustee if required.

  • This means if I ever want to move, I just have to find such a registrar that provides a trustee service and transfer the domain to the registrar and to this trustee? Apr 22, 2016 at 16:36
  • Interestingly, I got an "annual reminder" today from my registrar including the following content: Please note that, according to ICANN rules, if any of the contact or owner information is inaccurate, it must be immediately updated. This may be done on our website at en.gandi.net . If all of the information is accurate, you do not need to take any action. Please remember that under the terms of your registration agreement, the use of false Whois information are grounds for cancellation of your domain name registration. Apr 24, 2016 at 20:04

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