I am using Windows Sever 2008. I have 2 Buffalo Linkstation and there are same problem. Cannot to join Active Directory Domain

Failed to join Active Directory Domain. Please confirm the Active Directory Domain setting information, Administrator user name and password.

I sure that all the input is correct. And the admin account, I tried to use the server computer admin account and other admin with domain admin right. I think there is a permission problem in the server. But I dont know how to check and solve it. Any idea?

The setting page:

enter image description here


Working under the same subnet? Are Buffalo's dns pointing to your Win2008? Try also adding to Buffalo's in the WINS field, the IP of the server (may seems strange but I was able to let mine join by changing it)

  • Yes. I add the server IP at WINS field but there is same problem. The win2008 server is hosting the DNS too. – user351253 Apr 29 '16 at 4:53

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