I am aware that the IIS log entry time-taken field will also report network-time (under certain conditions).

I use the PerfMon counter \ASP.NET\Request Execution Time that reports The number of milliseconds taken to execute the last request. This used to report network time but functionality has been changed and documentation no longer mentions if it is included or is not included.

If network time is not included, and since documentation only references older IIS/Framework versions (for example here), I would like to know

  1. if can I make the PerfMon counter include network time by some other change
  2. Is the time-taken field from IIS logs the only counter that includes this information?
  • What is the purpose of accurately determining TTLB for each request? Continuous performance monitoring or troubleshooting? – Mathias R. Jessen May 2 '16 at 19:55
  • @MathiasR.Jessen Both really. I am currently exploring existing counter limitations, but I am also trying to setup a way to monitor the impact of network congestion on an application. Also, the question could possibly be extended to also ask if IIS propagates the time the request started on (TTFB) to the ASP.NET pipeline. – Jaguar May 3 '16 at 17:24

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