We have a ProLiant DL580 Gen8 Server and want to install Gigabyte GForce GTX 980 ti Display Card in PCIE slot, When we connect 8 pins sockets power, server could not turn on, and when power socket not connected, server starts but the graphic card could not detect in server, now my question is:

does this server supports this graphic card? if yes, what's the problem?

our power cable is regular cable 8 pins.

  • How much wattage are your power supplies? Commented Apr 26, 2016 at 4:20
  • wattage of power supply is 4x1500 w and requirement of graphic card is 300w max.
    – MTSS
    Commented Apr 26, 2016 at 5:12

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As suggested by eewhite HP support should be able to help you here.

The quick specs list the following relating to HPE Graphics cards

HPE Graphic Options

NOTE: Up to five cards are supported on the DL580 Gen8. Supporting multiple number of cards on the DL580 Gen8 blocks some active IO cards as follows due to space constraints:

For 2P config: Max of 2 double-wide cards are supported on slot 6 and slot 9 (slot 8 is blocked)

For 3P config: Max of 3 double-wide cards are supported on slot 3, slot 6 and slot 9 (slot 5 and slot 8 are blocked)

For 4P config: Max of 5 double wide cards are supported on Slot 1, Slot 3, Slot 2, Slot 6 and Slot 9 (slot 5 and slot 8 are blocked).

NOTE: HPE DL580/DL585/DL980 Power Cable Kit (631660-B21) is required for Graphics cards. Each cable kit has two 8-pin connectors (one 150W and other 225W) and can support up to two cards. For three cards, two cable kits are required. For five cards, three cable kits are required. The cards pull up to 75W of power from the IO slot and the rest from the auxiliary power connectors.


NOTE: Both UEFI mode and Legacy Mode are supported.


NVIDIA Quadro K6000 PCI-E Graphics Adapter


NOTE: Supported at Gen2 speeds


NVIDIA Tesla K40C 12GB Computational Accelerator


NOTE: Supported at Gen2 speeds


NVIDIA GRID K2 Reverse Air Flow Dual GPU PCIe Graphics Accelerator


NOTE: Only three cards are supported with MS Windows Server 2012 R2


Auxiliary Power Cables

NOTE: The DL580 Gen8 supports six auxiliary power connectors


HP DL580/DL585/DL980 Power Cable Kit NOTE: Order with GPGPUs for providing additional power to the IO cards.



Sorry I should have provided a link.

For HP quick specs I usually use the Quick Specs offline utility which can be downloaded from this page


HP PB Application link is near the bottom of page.

It will take a while to update ( depending on network connection and selected product filters) but has reasonable search facility for just about every HP product made.



This is a "Call HP for support" situation.

Your DL580 Gen8 is a $15k+ server and still under warranty. What you're doing seems to be an edge case for normal usage, but HP support should be able to work this out for you.

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