Im using zimbra zcs 8.0.0 GA on ubuntu 12.04LTS , is it possible to migrate the settings/mailboxes from old zimbra to "new zimbra server". The new server have ubuntu 14.04.4 x64bit installed with Intel Xeon CPU X3430 @2.40GHz and 15G of ram. I would appreciate any helpful suggestions or links. Thank you


We did the same migration recently. It is definitely possible. Without much preparation it took us about 3 hours for a small server with about 30 users. If your new servers performance is on par with the new server, there should be no problem with your setup.

This manual was the most helpful. Ensure that your backup is up to date and complete. Pay very close attention to the localconfig.xml migration.

It seems likely that you might want to change the server hostname, which is not a trivial change for a Zimbra server. This link might be helpful.

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