My websites are all on public IP x.x.x.110

My dev computers wan IP is x.x.x.111

From within the server, I can type my sites .com address into IE and it loads fine. But if I try them on my other computers, it times-out.

I think it may be because the router does not allow loopback (googling yielded that specific router is incapable of loopback).

So, pretty much what the title says. I have a AD/DNS/DHCP server and one IIS server hosting multiple websites under one IP address, all under port 80.

I would prefer to access the sites internally via local resource, but since they are all under the same local IP and Port 80, I can only access one of them when I type say, I ended up binding 8080 to one of the other sites just so I can get to it via

Is it possible to use my DNS server to forward .com requests to local resource for multiple sites under one local and one public IP?

router: RV042G servers: 2012r2


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this is called split brain DNS, you inside.domain.local should have a DNS entry on you AD server that points to your private address and your outside.domain.com DNS server should point to a public IP address, your server can't go on the internet without having it's network address translated, nothing can - so you will need to NAT the server if it is not natted already. For multiple website on different ports, just edit the bindings and set a hostname for each website and then set a DNS name for each website.

So it's not a routing issue after all.


It's called making a hairpin turn at the router, and you're right, it's basically impossible to have a packet exit the router and then reverse direction and go back in.

You can accomplish what you want in DNS with what's known as split-horizon or multi-view DNS: basically, depending upon the source of the query, you return an internal IP answer or an external IP answer.

Microsoft DNS should support this.

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