I have a config file and have a site up and running. But there is an issue if we go to the non-SSL page then also it redirects back to https. I have a site in Magento and it has base URL as http://www.cabletiesupply.com/ and base secure URL as https://www.cabletiesupply.com/ . Now I have not forced the admin to use SSL but then also it uses https:// which should not be the case. It should work normally as http:// . Which it is not. There is no issue in magento configuration.

I have created a gist of Nginx Config https://gist.github.com/bhargavmehta/4280a5a77b48236da82db2ee52fdc7d2

I am making a mistake in the configuration. Can anyone guide me in this?

Thank you


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remove the SSL config from nginx and enable it in 'magento' https://www.siteground.com/tutorials/magento/magento_ssl.htm

  • Can you suggest changes in nginx? Apr 27, 2016 at 13:42

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