I've setup a point-to-site Virtual Network Gateway using the Resource Manager model. I followed both of these instructions:



Here is my Azure Virtual Network setup:

Address Space:
Frontend Subnet:
Backend Subnet:

Vpn Client pool as

I can successfully connect to the VPN, and I'm assigned an address in the client pool. I can successfully ping, but when I try and ping anything in the other Azure subnets I don't get a response.

I have a VM with an IP of in the Frontend subnet. When I try tracert to this VM, the first hop is then every subsequent hop times out.

What am I missing??

I've tried adding Azure Route Tables, static routes on my router and routes to my local Windows route table.

Thanks for your help!


Ping is disabled on Azure. you will need to use tcping (download off of microsoft)

hope this helps, Lee

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