I need to deploy i.e. three distinct Zookeeper clusters. Each server inside a cluster should be configured to know what its ID is (and create a myid file). Also every Zookeeper server needs to know a list of all of the servers in the cluster with their corresponding id.

Is there a way to only configure this in one spot per cluster? Define a server is supposed to run Zookeeper, in cluster 'QA' and has id 4. This information will be used to

  • identify if a server needs to run zookeeper classes
  • write the correct id to the myid file
  • add the server with the correct id to all other zookeeper nodes and update them / restart them

I am pretty new to foreman and didn't see how this could be done. Is foreman the wrong tool for this and should I use plain puppet and code similar to Automatic Cluster Membership with Puppet?

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