So the story begins with the PXE automated installation on dedicated servers and virtual servers.

I am trying to boot operating systems using PXE (using ipxe scripts) and perform automated installations on them. Linux operating systems are being installed without any issues. I also have no issues with installing Windows Server 2008/2012 directly on physical servers.

However I wanted to do it on virtual machines (I am using VMware ESXi 5.x on my end). After everything is loaded (like bootmgr.exe, bcd, boot.sdi, wgl4_boot.ttf, boot.wim) and the server boots, I get a blue screen:

Blue Screen

Does anyone have any idea why I am getting this and how to fix it?


Ok, after searching around and asking some friends they suggested me to make sure my VPS has only one vCPU assigned to it ( which was not the case, I had 4vCPU on that VPS ). I reduced the vcpu and booted it again, and now it is working.

Now I have to find some fixes for this esxi bug.

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