Is there a way to let spamassassin bypass my linux system's dns servers to query DNSBLs?

Background Info
When my Server receives email, it is checked by spamassassin. One of this checks looks up the involved mail servers in DNS blacklists. Unfortunately the DNS of my provider is not allowed to query those BLs anymore. This is shown by spamassassin's header info URIBL_BLOCKED in all the emails I receive. I manually tested this too:

root@net:# dig txt +short
" -> Query Refused. See http://uribl.com/refused.shtml for more information [Your DNS IP:]"

( is configured in my /etc/resolv.conf as dns.)

When I manually query one of their nameservers directly (see @cc.uribl.com.) without using my provider's recursor, I get an answer:

root@net:# dig txt @cc.uribl.com. +short
permanent testpoint

(note that this is a testquery for that BL that's supposed to give this result)

So is there any way I can get spamassassin not to use the system default dns for dnsbl queries other than installing a dns recursor on this very system?

Okay, actually there is no problem in installing a local dns-recursor. It's lightweight and easy to setup and now I don't have the problems with the BLs anymore.


Spamassassin (Mail::SpamAssassin::DnsResolver) uses Net::DNS::Resolver perl module.
It should allow you to change nameservers spamassassin uses via RES_NAMESERVERS environment variable.

  • Do you (really) need solution redirecting only queries about specific list of domains domains? It may be possible but it is going to be "slightly" more complicated. Are you ready to patch spamassassin modules? – AnFi May 2 '16 at 14:40
  • Depending on how complicated that would be I might try it. But I have never done something like this. Also if I change a sa module, would that change survive an upgrade? but: would installing a local recursor not be easier? :) – geruetzel May 2 '16 at 15:26
  • Some people seem to be afraid to install Yet Another Free Software Package ;-) Using "flexible caching nameservers" is one of the best choices IMHO. – AnFi May 2 '16 at 16:45

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