I am just starting to learn cron jobs. Basically I am going to use webmin to manage my cron jobs, I am also reading some basic information about cron jobs.

So far I've learned that /etc/crontab stores the cronjobs and /var/spool/cron/crontabs has cron jobs for different users, and that when I do crontab -e I can see and edit the cron jobs for current user.

Root is the only user in my Ubuntu 14.04, and there are only several lines in the crontab files I found in above locations. However, in webmin, this is what I see

enter image description here

It is a lot more than what I see in those files. So my question is: where do all these cronjobs I see in webmin come from?


crontab -e only shows you the cron jobs in your user level crontab (which also exists for root). However, there are a number of predefined locations that cron will scan in regular intervals and executes all scripts it finds in them (e.g. /etc/cron.daily and /etc/cron.weekly for daily and weekly execution and also /etc/cron.d which can include crontab fragments).

All these jobs are listed by webmin but won't be displayed by crontab -e.

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